Why the sunshine theme? What does it represent?

  • I got the idea from my name. Sana means ‘Brilliance’ or ‘Radiance’. Also, I feel it’s a good match symbolically for my warm personality.
  • It’s not necessarily about happiness. It’s about a purpose. What drives you. No matter what storms come and go, the sun is constant and a vital part of our existence.

Ok. But what happens in a billion gazillion years when the sun dies?

  • I doubt my show will last that long
  • If it does, I’ll make sure the tagline is changed to ‘Find Your Solar System’

AND…other related themes in the works:

  • Vitamin D Daily Dose – A place to go to maximize the potential in all the positive influences in life.
  • Slap On The Sunscreen – A place to go to minimize the potential in all the negative influences in life.
  • Don’t Fear The Darkness – A place to go to better understand what we don’t understand.
  • Brilliant Ruler Awards – Sana means ‘Brilliance’. Khan means ‘Ruler’. AND…I like the idea of giving out awards/prizes. This was not the original plan, but in working on my logo, this medallion-like (and/or seal of approval -esque) design got me thinking…will keep you posted!

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